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Spanish for Backpackers

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Spanish for Backpackers


"All the travelers do fine in South America, I'll be fine without a course."

True, after about two months everyone can order food at a restaurant. But what will you do until then? Are you going to waste two months of your trip? And what then? Will your only communication with the locals be about ordering food? Travelers who know the language can travel independently, get to know the locals, possibly staying at their houses, and rely solely upon themselves to know what really goes on around them.

"I know someone who traveled to South America for six months, and though he has never formally learned it, he speaks Spanish."

True. It's easy to pick-up a language and use it when you're away for a while, but most of those learning independently (on the street) speak poorly – often with many errors; errors are hard to get rid of later. Actually, learning on the "street" means a senseless repetition of phrases without understanding their true meaning. For this reason, while traveling, you will have a very difficult time forming sentences at your will, and upon your return you will forget your Spanish much faster. The Spanish for Backpackers course is recommended and crucial for anyone that wants to speak correctly and conserve the language.

"I can learn Spanish in South America. Why should I learn it here in my country?"

It’s always an advantage to get a head start. Studying Spanish prior to your trip benefits you because we at AAI are familiar with the learning styles of Israelis, and teach you with methods specially designed for the Israeli student.

"We're trying to save up so we can travel as much as we can. We wouldn’t want to waste so much money on a course."

We know. That's why we have minimized your tuition costs as much as possible. We offer discounts on tuition, offer advice and guide you in buying the absolute necessities for your trip. You’ll get free route-planning consultations, and help with anything you may need. We, the instructors at AAI, have spent considerable amounts of time in Latin America, and have learned that you can save lots of money in Latin America if you can speak the language.

"There are many places that teach Spanish. Why study at AAI?"

AAI specializes in the instruction of Latin American Spanish (from South and Central America and the Caribbean) and is the only language school in Israel that teaches this dialect. This type of Spanish is easier to learn, and more than 90% of the Spanish speakers in world use it. Spanish for Backpackers has been held at AAI since 1994, and thousands of travelers who have taken it have come back from Latin America speaking fluent Spanish.

In addition to the course, AAI offers its students many benefits:

  • Free entrance to DIBURIMOS until your departure date. This way, you can practice your Spanish 6 extra hours per week until you leave!
  • A one-year subscription to KORIMOS – a virtual Spanish learning newsletter, published by the AAI.
  • El Niño – a Spanish-learning kit, the most widely used kit for backpackers.
  • A licensed access code for LOMDIMOS – Spanish vocabulary and grammar learning software.




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