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ISUZU Spanish Challenge

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ISUZU Spanish Challenge

The Isuzu Challenge adventure was held in 2002 on the Maya trail that runs between Mexico and Guatemala, and was a great opportunity for participants to become familiar with the Spanish language.

More information at the official Isuzu Challenge web site.

To fully enjoy a complete package of rough-terrain riding, spectacular views, and Latin American culture, the journey's participants completed a course at AAI – a course specially designed for those journeying to the Maya Trail.

The Isuzu Spanish Challenge course is tailored for the journey's participants' needs, and provides its students a vast Spanish language base, along with the ability to communicate with local inhabitants. Knowledge of the language enabled participants to fully enjoy the cultural experience.

The course consists of 6 weekly classes, 4 academic-hours (3 full hours) each. In addition, 5 practice sessions unique to the course within DIBURIMOS, 2 full hours each.





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