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Another Trail to Spanish

What's so special about the course?
Course Duration
Instruction Method

Let us call you!

Another Trail ('Masa Aher' in Hebrew) to Spanish

Beginners Spanish Course in alliance with 'Masa Aher' that integrates Spanish and Latin American culture studies

Another Trail to Spanish is a Spanish for Beginners course, which combines learning Spanish, Latin American culture, and lots of fun! The course is given in alliance with 'Masa Aher', the most popular travel and nature magazine in Israel.

What's so special about the course?

  • A unique course combining Spanish language and Latin American cultural studies – the only one of its kind in Israel. The course focuses on learning Spanish, and its purpose is to provide students with mastery of the language, while taking themes from the Latin American culture to serve as tools for learning the language.
  • Integration of authentic study-aids: Latin American food, local drinks, dances, etc., yielding an unforgettable learning experience.

Duration of the Course

Courses are 18 weekly classes, 2.5 full-hours each (60 academic hours in total), with additional weekly conversational practice sessions – DIBURIMOS (totaling 40 academic hours of practice).

Instruction Method

We use the same instruction method as in Spanish for Beginners.




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