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Spanish for Backpackers

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A Complete Package for the Traveler

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Spanish for Backpackers

Spanish for Backpackers is a course designed for the special needs of the Israeli backpacker in Latin America.

AAI specializes in Spanish instruction, emphasizing the spoken Spanish of Central and South America. The Spanish for Backpackers course is the most widely known and popular course in Israel today.

The purpose of the course is to give you the ability to converse in Spanish upon your arrival to the continent, and provide you with the necessary tools to help you hone your learning skills so that you may pick up more of the language as you travel.

It is widely known that English is not a popular language among Latin Americans. In order to communicate with the locals, the traveler needs to speak Spanish. The many backpackers who have completed their studies in the AAI have already shown that not only did the course provide them with the ability to communicate with the locals, but it also gave them the necessary tools to know and speak Spanish correctly during their travels and even afterwards.

Our Special Instruction Method

Spanish for Backpackers is designed for travelers to Latin America. In 'regular' language courses the teacher slowly advances in the course material, taking into account the lack of opportunity the student may have to practice Spanish beyond the class. In contrast, in the Spanish for Backpackers course the teacher advances very rapidly through the learning material, basing the lesson on special techniques for mastering language structures – techniques that provide the student with tools for an independent, quick and systematic method of learning Spanish.

The method bases the teaching on Hebrew and English, thus saving time and allowing for more powerful learning tools for learning and understanding the language.

The Purpose of the Course

The purpose of the course is to provide the student with knowledge in Spanish on two levels. The first level is knowledge of the structure of the language. This level allows for an independent, quick and systematic language learning skill. The second level entails specific vocabulary. This level provides the student with important vocabulary and necessary key phrases for relevant themes regarding travel (i.e. renting a room in a hotel, ordering in a restaurant, changing money, public transportation, etc.).

Duration of the Course

Spanish for Backpackers is a three-week course with six classes given in the evening or during the day. The first lesson is three hours, and the rest are four-hour classes each, totaling 22 full hours (30 academic hours).

Additionally, within the DIBURIMOS meetings, a separate study-group meets for those taking the Spanish for Backpackers course. This group has special lessons designed to enhance conversational skills in situations more common to backpackers in Latin America. These sessions amount to two meetings, two hours each, totaling 4 full hours (6 academic hours) of Spanish conversational practice.
Also, students in the course receive free admission to DIBURIMOS until their departure date. This way, students can practice 6 more hours per week until their travel date!

Spanish for Backpackers at AAI – All the Advantages

  • A unique instruction method developed especially for the Israeli student.
  • The only school teaching Latin American Spanish in Israel today.
  • The AAI is recommended by Latin American consulates and embassies in Israel.
  • During the course and after practice in a unique environment – DIBURIMOS.
  • Courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education for the Discharged Soldiers Deposit (Pikadon) and for Continuing Education Credits (Gmul Hishtalmut). Only in Israel.
  • A one-year subscription to KORIMOS – a virtual Spanish learning newsletter, published by the AAI.
  • A licensed access code for LOMDIMOS – Spanish vocabulary and grammar learning software.

A Complete Package for the Traveler

The Spanish for Backpackers course is a complete package meeting all the needs of those traveling to Latin America.

Why a complete package? Because the course is held in association with ISSTA Lines, Israel’s largest travel agency, and Lametayel, Israel’s biggest travel equipment store. Spanish for Backpackers students learn Spanish while enjoying special guidance, bonuses and price reductions (10% off all Lametayel equipment). In short, all your needs in one package deal – all high quality, all at an excellent price.

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