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Spanish for Beginners

Spanish for Beginners is composed of two parts and additionally includes a comprehensive practice at the Diburimos meetings.

Part One of the course is taught by an Israeli instructor trained in the teaching of the principles of the Spanish language, including its comprehension and analysis, basing teaching upon languages you are already familiar with.

For example, the verbs ser and estar (‘to be’ in English) are taught by comparing them to the verb form of the English ‘to be’, while verbs like ducharse (to take a shower) are taught by comparison to the Hebrew construct of Hitpael. The reason is simply because use of the verb 'to be' in English is comparative to the use of ser and estar in Spanish, while conjugation of the verb ducharse in Spanish is similar to conjugation of the Hebrew construct of HITPAEL.

Part Two of the course is taught by a Latin American instructor who specializes in creating a Spanish environment in the classroom, thereby enhancing the experience of learning Spanish. This instructor will boost your confidence in the language and enrich your vocabulary.

At AAI we emphasize the importance of practicing conversation, namely by using a hands-on method of applying the studied material. We believe that in order to learn a language properly, one must practice, practice, and then practice some more. Therefore, during the course we invite our students to practice their conversational skills at DIBURIMOS – multi-level Spanish conversational practice meetings held in a fun, informal, Latin American environment, where students of all levels participate and practice, apply, and speak the material taught in class.

Course Content

As stated previously, the course is comprised of two parts.

The first, learning the principles of the language structures: sentence construction, text analysis, and reasons for saying things differently than other languages. In other words, we learn to understand what we say, read or write. This method gives the student a wide basis for comprehension of the language, a self-teaching ability, and powerful tools for fast implementation of the learned material.

The second, practice, practice and more practice. We base and implement our knowledge by putting it to use. Here we converse, read, and write dialogues and monologues from our everyday lives, excerpts from Latin soap-operas, newspapers, radio, TV, and any other subject the students desire.

Who can participate in the course?

Anyone who wants to learn and speak Spanish.
Spanish for Beginners is for those who have no prior knowledge of Spanish. The course begins with learning the most basic grammar – how words are pronounced, masculine and feminine differentiation, and more. Towards the end of the course, basic tenses and structures are taught, while all through the course, we thoroughly practice the material in order to gain full control and a vast knowledge of the Spanish language.

Spanish for Beginners at AAI – All the Advantages

  • A unique teaching method specially designed for the Israeli student.
  • The only school teaching Latin American Spanish in Israel today.
  • The AAI is recommended by Latin American consulates and embassies in Israel.
  • Throughout the course and after, practice in a unique environment – DIBURIMOS.
  • Courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education for the Discharged Soldiers Deposit (Pikadon) and for Continuing Education Credits (Gmul Hishtalmut). Only in Israel.
  • A one-year subscription to KORIMOS – a virtual Spanish learning newsletter, published by the AAI.
  • A licensed access code for LOMDIMOS – Spanish vocabulary and grammar learning software.

Learning Material

Spanish for Beginners is based on study-aids designed and written by the AAI Department of Instruction and Development.

The course textbook is El Niño – a Spanish learning kit that includes a CD. The textbook was written by the AAI Department of Instruction and Development, and is sold in bookstores across the country. The book is based on innovative teaching methods, and is the most widely sold book in its class today. The book includes the Spanish language constructs, accompanied by detailed explanations and examples, as well as various dictionaries. In addition, the students receive a work-booklet every lesson, which exercises the learned material in that class (i.e. food and drink, the family, travel, and more).

You will have a high-quality, comprehensive book at your disposal, to accompany you throughout the entire learning process (starting with Spanish for Beginners up to very high-level courses), as well as various work booklets that focus on specific themes in every lesson.

Duration of the Course

The course consists of 15 weekly classes, 4-academic-hours each (60 academic-hours in total), as well as DIBURIMOS our multi-level Spanish conversational practice meetings.

After the Course

Up to now, we've explained why our courses are the best in Israel. Now, we'd like to mention we're the only place in Israel that provides its students a framework for practice even after their course is over.

Only at AAI do our alumni students have a place where they can refine, practice, and conserve the Spanish they learned in our courses.

Alumni are invited to practice their conversation skills in our DIBURIMOS meetings, which comprise a professional, fun, and conveniently priced (20-25 NIS for our alumni students) practice framework. To brush-up on reading and listening skills, we also offer our alumni our virtual newsletter, KORIMOS.



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