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Personal One-on-One Courses

Personal Courses

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Personal One-on-One Courses

Spanish-in-a-Flash – one course meeting for travelers to Latin America

We recommend to those traveling to Latin America, who don’t have the time to participate in a complete Spanish for Backpackers course, to buy El Niño – a Spanish learning kit and to take one 3 academic-hour course.

Spanish-in-a-Flash is the recommended last-minute way to learn Spanish for those traveling to Latin America. In the short duration of the course, you will acquire the skills to learn Spanish as you go through the continent, as well as familiarity with the learning tool you will hold in your hands – El Nino, the Spanish-learning kit.

Personal Courses

Personal courses are best for those who have unique objectives in their study of the language. Our staff is available to you precisely for this reason, at your convenience, at the pace you desire, and in the subjects you prefer. We take special care to customize the material according to your needs via our Department of Instruction and Development. Right from the start, we will tailor lesson plans to match your needs, and make sure you attain your goals in the available time you have.




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