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Spanish Teacher Training Course

Purpose of the Course
Course Duration
Course Structure

Let us call you!

Spanish Teacher Training Course

If your mother tongue is Spanish and you are interested in becoming a professional Spanish teacher, the Spanish Teacher Training Course is the most professional, personal, and complete course you will find in Israel today.

The course will provide you with the best tools for teaching Spanish to Israeli students. Throughout the course, we will share our vast experience with you, and teach you how to teach Israelis to read, write, speak, comprehend, and love the Spanish language.

Purpose of the Course

The course will provide you with the best tools for teaching Spanish to Israeli students: teaching Spanish grammar, the implementation of vocabulary, boosting student confidence, teaching skills of Spanish conversation, and more.

Course Duration

The course is 60 academic-hours (45 full-hours) long.

Course Structure

During the course you will undergo comprehensive training. You will actively participate in various courses (Beginners, Advanced, Backpackers), take part in building lesson plans, watch different teaching styles, and learn from the training and experience of our professional instruction staff.

The course consists of a series of instructional sessions, where you will meet with managers and senior instructors from our staff, as well as a hands-on series of classes, which will include active participation in various courses and seminars.

Teaching Spanish Grammar to Israeli Students

This part is taught by one of our senior instructors specializing in teaching Spanish grammar to Israeli students.

In this section you will learn about the different kinds of language courses, the types of students and the differences between them, skills one needs to acquire in order to teach a language, the distinctiveness in teaching Israelis, and more.

We focus on ‘Teaching Grammar to Israelis’, where we learn about the vast subjects in Spanish grammar, and how to teach and explain them to the Israeli student.

Spanish Instruction

In this section you'll learn about teaching-aids and teaching methods in general and you'll acquire the tools and rules of their application.

This section will focus on efficient Spanish lesson planning. Here we will review our Spanish for Beginners course, explaining its structure and how its lesson-plans are used for students of all types.

'Hands-on' Learning

The hands-on part of learning includes full accompaniment and coaching by a senior instructor from AAI's Department of Instruction and Development. During this time, you will actively participate in various Spanish courses, for beginners and advanced level students, as well as DIBURIMOS meetings.

In the first stage you will join a senior instructor from our staff who will be teaching our Spanish for Beginners course. During six three-hour classes, you will experience lesson preparation together, teaching in the classroom, and at the end of each class we will summarize and review our actions in order to learn from our mistakes. At the end of this stage, you will deliver part of the lesson yourself.

In the second stage of hands-on training, you will write and carry out learning programs, designed for strengthening student conversation skills. At this stage, you will also join a two-hour session of DIBURIMOS, where you will learn how to build the lesson plan and instruct it, while emphasizing conversation practice, correct pronunciation, and application of the material learned in class.

In the future you will join the DIBURIMOS design team, and apply the lesson planning process yourself, choosing themes, vocabulary, dialogs, and songs.

In the final part of this stage, you will instruct a DIBURIMOS session yourself, while accompanied by a senior AAI instructor.

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