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Our Method

The AAI has developed a unique teaching method for the Israeli student. The method is based on the instruction of Spanish language principles while attaining independent study skills, and obtaining learning and conversational skills by practicing conversation.

In order to teach you the structures of Spanish we use El Niño – a Spanish learning kit. The kit is based on the teaching method of the AAI and is sold in all bookstores.

At the AAI we put special emphasis on the importance of practicing verbal skills – namely, the practical application of the material acquired by the student. We believe that in order to learn a language, practice, practice, paractice and more practice is essential. Thus, during the courses we invite our students to practice speech at DIBURIMOS – multi-level Spanish conversational practice meetings held in an informal and fun, Latin-American environment, where students from all levels and all courses participate to practice, apply, and mainly speak the learned material.

Our teaching staff includes professional Israeli and Latin American Spanish teachers who specialize in Spanish instruction for Israelis. The Israeli instructors specialize in teaching the principles of the language, understanding and analyzing them – basing their teaching on languages you are already familiar with. The Latin American instructors, who specialize in teaching the language hands-on, strengthen your confidence in Spanish and aid you in enriching your vocabulary.

This unique combination of hands-on and theoretical learning of the language, through intensive practice, El Niño – a Spanish learning kit, the exclusive practice method of DIBURIMOS, the virtual KORIMOS newsletter, and the LOMDIMOS software, all make the Spanish learning experience at the AAI a professional and pleasurable one.

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