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(about the name DIBURIMOS)

DIBURIMOS are weekly, multi-participant sessions open to all who wish to practice their Spanish conversational skills. Meetings are held in an informal, fun, Latin American environment, where students of all levels from all courses participate in order to practice, apply, and mainly speak and hear Spanish.

The Purpose

To start, continue, maintain and improve knowledge of Spanish.

The Method

Participants sit in groups, each according to their own knowledge of Spanish. The groups are guided by AAI's professional instructors. Each meeting has a main theme that the participants discuss, in conjunction with printed material and study aids, e.g. shopping, travel, meetings, food, etc

Students at AAI have the opportunity to practice the material studied in class, as well as enrich their vocabulary and gain more confidence with their Spanish conversational skills. Visiting participants, who are not AAI students, are welcome to practice and hear the language, and enjoy this special Spanish experience.


The Purpose
The Method
Who Attends
What's so special about DIBURIMOS?
When and Where
How Much

Who attends Diburimos

  • AAI students from all courses. DIBURIMOS constitutes an integral part of all courses in AAI, and is an opportunity to gain more practice in language use.
  • AAI alumni. DIBURIMOS gives alumni a framework for practice and preservation of material acquired in the courses.
  • Visitor participants who speak Spanish and are looking for a Spanish-speaking environment to practice the language and to not forget it.
  • Visitor participants who don't speak Spanish, and are interested in hearing and getting to know the language.

IMPORTANT! Meetings are open to ALL; those who are studying, those who have studied, those who have mastered the language, those who don't even know a single word in Spanish – everyone has a place in DIBURIMOS, all geared for one purpose, and one purpose only: to practice conversation…DIBURIMOS.

What's so special about DIBURIMOS?

  • It's not a traditional course style class. You can come anytime, even just for one meeting.
  • It's exactly at your level. Groups of all levels.
  • It's open to all.
  • It provides exactly what you need:
    • For beginners – to get to know Spanish.
    • For experienced students – to improve, build up confidence, and practice.
    • For advanced students– to practice and not to forget

AAI – All the Advantages

  • A unique teaching method specially designed for the Israeli student.
  • The only school teaching Latin American Spanish in Israel today.
  • The AAI is recommended by Latin American consulates and embassies in Israel.
  • The only language school offering open, multi-participants conversational practice sessions - DIBURIMOS.
  • ourses are recognized by the Ministry of Education for the Discharged Soldiers Deposit (Pikadon) and for Continuing Education Credits (Gmul Hishtalmut). Only in Israel.
  • KORIMOS – a virtual Spanish learning newsletter, published by the AAI.
  • LOMDIMOS – Spanish vocabulary and grammar learning software.

When and Where

Click here to see DIBURIMOS times and details on this week's themes (in Hebrew).

How Much

AAI students Free
AAI customers 25 NIS per entry OR
200 NIS for a 10-entry coupon.
All others

40 NIS per entry OR
350 NIS for a 10-entry coupon.
* First entry FREE!



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