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El Niño is a complete self-learning kit designed for an efficient, quick and correct method for the learning of Spanish. El Niño is the only Spanish language self-learning kit available in Hebrew that includes all the components a self-learning kit requires:

Easy to use method
Audio CD
Vocabulary enriching dictionary

El Niño – a Spanish learning kit, is available in bookstores all over the country, and is a bestseller in its field today.

El Niño – a Spanish learning kit – provides the student with an assortment of tools essential for learning the language, and consists of four sections:

  • The first section focuses on language structures and gives an in-depth explanation of the study method developed by AAI. The purpose of the first section is to strengthen the student's knowledge in language structures, through the attainment of powerful self-learning tools designed to improve the language and vocabulary learning ability.
  • The second section contains exercises to strengthen the student's comprehension of the first section. In this section the student applies the tools acquired in the first section, thereby attaining better control of language structures and basic vocabulary. This section contains answers to exercises posed earlier with thorough explanations according to the learning method introduced in the first section.
  • The third section is a daily conversation manual: ordering food in a restaurant, meetings, etc. The manual exercises grammar and practical vocabulary combinations. Phrases found in the manual are explained in detail, thus allowing the student to progress and master the material learned so far.
  • The fourth section contains several dictionaries and a wide range of vocabulary. This includes a Hebrew-Spanish and Spanish-Hebrew dictionary, as well as a thematic dictionary consisting of such categories as food, travel, etc.

To view the section dealing with Spanish pronouns

To view the section dealing with construction of simple Spanish sentences

To view the categorized dictionary section



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