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(about the name LOMDIMOS)

LOMDIMOS is software designed for learning Spanish vocabulary and verbs, developed by the AAI Department of Instruction and Development.

LOMDIMOS – vocabulary contains thousands of categorized words, e.g. characteristics, descriptions, and is arranged according to the courses and DIBURIMOS meetings.
LOMDIMOS presents the user with words and their pronunciation, to model correct forms and get the user's ear acquainted with Spanish intonations.

LOMDIMOS – verbs contains hundreds of carefully chosen common verbs, useful to Spanish language students.

LOMDIMOS is an integral aid for anyone interested in learning Spanish.
LOMDIMOS is used to learn vocabulary, and is recommended for practice before and after each class and DIBURIMOS meeting.
Travelers to Latin America, requiring specific travel-oriented vocabulary can practice this sort of vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

What's so special about LOMDIMOS?

LOMDIMOS is the only Spanish learning software in Hebrew!

LOMDIMOS contains audio files for thousands of vocabulary words in Spanish and allows the user to learn pronunciation as well as meaning.

LOMDIMOS was written by the AAI Department of Instruction and Development.

LOMDIMOS' vocabulary is tailored for all courses and DIBURIMOS meetings, and was carefully designed for the Israeli student.

Verbs in LOMDIMOS were carefully chosen from everyday commonly used verbs in Spanish.

* Students of AAI get a free license-code valid for the duration of their course plus 14 extra days.

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