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The American Alliance Institute

AAI was founded in 1994, and specializes in Spanish instruction and the development of Spanish language teaching methods and materials.
AAI is the largest school and leader of Spanish instruction in Israel.
AAI has branches all over Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Rehovot, Be'er Sheva, Kfar Saba, and Pardes Hanna.
AAI specializes in the instruction of the Spanish language, and is the only language school in Israel that teaches Latin American Spanish (South and Central America and the Caribbean). This type of Spanish is easier to learn, and more than 90% of Spanish speakers in the world use it.


The professional instructional staff at AAI is composed of highly experienced instructors all with a vast knowledge in language teaching, and all trained in the AAI method of instruction.


AAI works in cooperation with highly acclaimed institutes and professors, as well as with Latin American embassies, Massa Aher Group, ISSTA-Lines travel agency, and the Lametayel stores, which offer savings and discounts to all AAI students.


Thousands of private and corporate customers have already learned Spanish at AAI. Many of them have come back to study in more advanced courses and continue to take part in our activities. Feedback from our graduates makes it crystal clear: our customers are satisfied. Very satisfied.

Among our business customers are well-known names such as: Telrad, Amdocs, B-Connected, ECI, Random Logic, Poalim Market Investors, Emblaze Systems, and more.

AAI – All the Advantages

  • A modern and independent organization
    AAI is an independent, modern organization, offering language classes, seminars, and diverse courses all over the country. Being an independent organization, we are open to the requests and needs of our customers, and do the utmost to satisfy them.
  • Size does matter
    AAI has branches all over the country and offers a range of courses and seminars, in cooperation with many organizations and institutions.
  • Quality first
    AAI offers its customers highly experienced teachers, and is constantly developing instructional methods and new learning programs, based on methods that have been globally proven, and have been tailored to the Israeli student.
  • The Department of Instruction and Development
    AAI is continually developing learning methods and instructional tools. Books published by AAI and sold in bookstores all over the country have become one of the top sellers in their field.
    AAI is the only language school in Israel that has developed a unique Spanish- language-learning method for the Israeli student (and does not use a learning method that has been developed in Spain for students of all countries and all cultures).
  • Courses specializing in Latin American Spanish – the dialect spoken by 90% of the Spanish world
    AAI is the only language school in Israel specializing in the instruction of Latin American Spanish as spoken in 21 countries in Latin America: Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands (vs. the Spanish spoken in Spain). Additionally, AAI is recommended by Latin American embassies and consulates in Israel.
  • A framework for practicing and maintaining Spanish even after the course is completed
    Only at AAI do alumni students enjoy a framework to practice and conserve the knowledge they acquired during the course. Our alumni are invited to practice conversation at DIBURIMOS meetings, which play an integral role in the professional, fun, and economic framework provided by AAI, practicing reading and listening skills with our virtual KORIMOS newsletter.
  • Our Business Department
    AAI meets the needs of its corporate clients (companies, organizations, institutions, etc.), for whom our Business Department was built. Our Business Department specializes in language course lesson planning, and provides additional corporate services.
  • A comprehensive service pack
    AAI provides, in addition to language courses, a complete array of corporate services: translation, editing, copyrighting, business planning, business catalogs and proposals, and interactive presentations and websites.
  • Courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education for the Discharged Soldiers Deposit (Pikadon) and for Continuing Education Credits (Gmul Hishtalmut). Only in Israel.
  • Seminars and unique programs
    DIBURIMOS – multi-level Spanish conversational practice meetings.
    KORIMOS – a virtual Spanish learning newsletter.
    LOMDIMOS – Spanish vocabulary and grammar learning software.
    Spanish Seminars – Latin American culture seminars for advanced students.






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